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Who we are

Kei Ei [ kei ei ]

is a transliteration of a Japanese character meaning “company management”.

Our company was founded in 2006 by a group of Japanese and Russian businessmen originated from world famous companies management, experienced in the business start-up and optimization in Russia.

In the beginning we were specializing in business start-up support. We provided Japanese corporations entering Russian market with a wide range of services. Such companies as Uniqlo, Yamaha Music, Fujinon (a business unit of Fujifilm), Buffalo, Wakita, Exedy and several other Japanese companies started their business in Russia with our support.

Since 2009 we have focused on recruitment for international
and russian companies as our
major business

Today recruitment is our major business. We are a trusted provider for such companies as Johnson&Johnson Medical, Janssen, GlaxoSmithKline, Toyota, Nissan, Saint-Gobain, PwC, Ernst&Young, Strategy Partners.


In 2011 we changed our approach towards recruitment process organization.

We used to have a team of full-cycle consultants. However along with the growing number of our clients and projects we are committed to keep our high standards of service in terms of quality and timing.

Thus, we reorganized Kei-Ei splitting into 2 departments: consultants and analysts.

Our consultants are industrial experts constantly interacting with key players and candidates in the market. They keep up on the latest trends in labor market and business.

Our analysts are the functional experts concentrating on researching candidates of specific function throughout various markets.

We are committed to provide our clients with prompt and high-quality support in search of candidates with market related expertise

What we do




Розничная торговля




Медицинское оборудование

Medical devices



Тяжелая техника и стройматериалы

Equipment and construction

Управленческий консалтинг

Management consulting

IT и Телекоммуникации

IT and telecommunications

Kei-Ei high level of culture, personal integrity and professionalism guarantees our clients reputational safety and ethics of the message communicated to candidates.

Project delivery statistics

Статистика закрытий

Vacancies level

We are most efficient in the projects of Senior staff and Management selection in various professional fields and industries.

Moreover our key customers engage us in Executive search projects.


Клиенты Клиенты



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